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Helping you to Heal, Grow, and be
Renewed in the spirit of your mind.

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Emerging Spirit Counseling

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At Emerging Spirit Counseling Services, we provide mental health therapy for women, youth and families as well as conducting trainings. We seek to foster an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance for those in need of help and strive to provide supportive therapeatic interventions to help guide our clients through difficult situations, strengthen family and individual functioning and help them move in new directions so they may experience more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

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Orienta Nicole Eison LPCC

Orienta Nicole Eison is the founder of Emerging Spirit Counseling Services, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is dually licensed in OH. and KY. as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). Ms. Eison has helped clients heal, change and grow for over 20 years through therapeutic counseling interventions. She specializes in individual and family counseling for children and women helping to promote safe and healthy lifestyle choices. She holds a BA in African-American studies from the University of Cincinnati, an MA in Community Counseling from Xavier University and she is a graduate of Public Allies, Americorps service learning program. She has presented for small groups and at large conferences both locally and nationally in school, corporate, non-profit and church settings, including Radio One's Women's Empowerment Conferences. Licensed since 2006, she has worked in both agency and private practice settings in the Greater Cincinnati area. Ms. Eison is licensed by the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board which requires on-going education in order to maintain licensure and she prescribes to high standards of academic training, ethics, and supervision. She participates in and welcomes involvement in community, civic and religious activities.

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Women, Youth and Families

Services Including:

Emotional Baggage, Anxiety and Depression, Child and Adolescent Issues and Behaviors, Anger Management and Stress, Grief and Loss and Sexual Abuse Treatment.


GYRL Group: Gaining Young Responsible Ladies: Psychodecutational Group for preteen girls ages 9-12. Topic areas incude Self-Esteem, Cultural Awareness, Health & Wellness, Peer Pressure, Choices and Consequences and Maintaining an Alcohol, Tobacco & other Drug Free Lifestyle.

Anger Management: Topic areas include Anger Assessment, Body Awareness, Using Distracters, Progressive Relaxation, Stress Reducing Activities, Stop & Think, Changing Self Talk, Effective Communications Skills (Can be modified for adults, teens and to be gender specific.)

Ladies First: Psychoeducational Group for Teen girls ages 13-17. Topic areas include Self Esteem, Cultural Awareness, Body Image, Health and Wellness, Peer Pressure, Dating and Relationshipis, Choices and Consquences and Maintaining an Alcohol, Tobacco & other Drug Free Lifestyle.

Boys II Men: Psycheducational Group for Teen Boys ages 13-17. Topic areas include Self Esteem, Cultural Awareness, Nerd vs Thug, Health and Wellness, Peer Pressure, Dating and Relationship, Choices and Consequences and Maintaining and Alcohol, Tobacco & Drug Fee Lifestyle.

The Sister Circle: Psychodecational Group for Women who want to improve their Self-Esteem, relate better with each other and improve their relationships with those who are significant in their lives.


Can be modeled to meet specific needs or topics.

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"Helping you to Heal,

Grow, And Be Renewed

in the Spirit of Your Mind."


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